This is a puzzle game made using BSP in Unreal Engine.  
The player is looking for clues to get the next place. When the player arrives at the last stage, he will find the Treasure.
I wanted to show the atmosphere of the cave with assets, lights and a variety of missions.





This is a simple puzzle game.  
The objective of the game is to find missing pages that allow the player to read the book found in the attic.

I made a new level with assets from the Unity Asset store.



Max Payne3


Fanart on Max Payne.
I used the Max Payne 3 art design as an example of the moving path and character movements.
The level was made using BSP in Unreal Engine. I wanted to create a place which looked like an alive city. I focused on the mood, the atmosphere, and I added the sound.


  • Walkthrough


  • Playing a level




Tomb Raider

Fanart on Tomb Raider : Definitive. I made part of a level in Tomb Raider using BSP in Unreal Engine.
The character in the level uses arrows as weapons. She has to jump or shoot arrows to move forward and find her way while moving through the path. I built the place with the player's movement in mind.


  • Playing a level